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The Glass Bead Game

j e w e l l e r y   e s s e n c e 


“This little theater of mine has as many doors into as many boxes as you please..."

 Hermann Hesse


“The Glass Bead Game / J e w e l l e r y E s s e n c e” is an exhibition at the gallery GAo ShAn that presents the works of Finnish jewellery artists and designers in the field of Art&Fine Jewellery – Inni Pärnänen, Elina Honkanen, Vesa Nilsson, Tiina Arkko, Pekka Kulmala, Irene Sema, Ville Redman, Petri and Annika Eklöf – as well as works by the artists Ian Bourgeot and Jaakko Heikinheimo.

The title of the exhibition is a direct reference to “The Glass Bead Game”, the novel by Hermann Hesse. The book describes a very old game. The history of jewellery is likewise ancient. Each of the pieces exhibited function as a key to a story told in photographic images.


Elina Honkanen

Ville Redman 

Ville Redman and Irene Sema

Jaakko Heikinheimo

'Ian Bourgeot

Inni Pärnänen

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