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Timed Drawing


Nina Roos, Timed Drawing 4, 2020, water colour on paper, 56 × 76 cm


Timed Drawings,  made in collaboration with the iPhone’s timer function. Nina Roos dips her brush in watercolour and lets it dab the paper in a succession of ever-less-black dots, until her time is up.


Nina Roos, Not Yet Said, Not Yet Done , 2007-2008

Oil on acrylic glass.  175x185cm

Water Drawing

Théodore Géricault ,  Portrait d'homme, dit le Vendéen (Portrait of a Man)

Nina Roos, Untitled, 1993, Oil on acrylic glass. 2 parts: 118x185cm, 175x185 cm

La Petite collation, Interrupted
or Interrupted (of a compound leaf or other plant organ)

Henri-Horace Roland De La Porte
La Petite Collation or Nature morte a la carafe d’orgeat (Still Life with Carafe of Barley Wine), 1787


Nina Roos, An Object That Lost Its Name 1, 2020, oil on canvas, 70 x 80 cm

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