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A cup of tea, salt and diamonds

Photo: Сeramic collection by Toshiaki Hoshi , Samuji House

Cup of tea


Once upon a time a man of science came to a master of Zen. He wanted to talk about Zen. The master offered him a cup of tea. He started to pour the tea, yet when it reached top of the cup, and began to overflow he didn’t stop. The scientist couldn’t resist remarking that the cup was already full. To this master answered that he is, just like this cup, full of opinions and ideas of his own. How can he show him Zen if his cup is already full.


One of 101 Zen Stories




Since before Roman times sea salt has been harvested by hand in southern Brittany in Guerande. Two types of salt are harvested: white salt with thin, snow like crystals; and rough, gray salt. White salt is one of refined salts you can find worldwide, but only the gray salt has inclusions of sea weed with amaizing aroma that is particularly fragrant and gourmet in dishes.


and diamonds


In the back of the diamond world there are diamonds that can’t pass any standard controls. They have too many inclusions and an imperfect cut. Their name “Salt and Pepper Diamonds” comes from the color of inclusions in them. These stones have a very profound, yet subtle and not so obvious grace. However they can be hardly called the “Girl's Best Friend”. They are from different aesthetics.

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