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Art de vivre  s e r i e s

exhale and inhale ....

Salt & Pepper  Bracelet


Salt & Pepper diamonds,


Beauty of imperfections

"Salt and Pepper" is a colloquial term that refers to the clarity of the stone. "Salt" refers to white inclusions and "Pepper" to black ones. 

Imperfections add salt and pepper in our life.

Air of  Paris  earrings​

Salt and Pepperdiamonds  in matte white gold. 


What can I give you my dear friend?


Only a drop of honey

A gulp of wine

And the smell of pines in the sun

Honey Drops earrings
Citrine, gold. Handcrafted

They are drops in an ocean of pain

But sing me an anodyne

"Beautiful Beautiful Delicate Thing" 

 by Rebecca Clamp 

Drop of Wine pendant
Titanium, amber 


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