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Why titanium?  

Titanium has a smoky grey color. It is strict and rigid and at the same time refined and gentle. It is a very body friendly metal, what makes it possible to use it even in medicine. It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear as well as hypoalergenic. 

Titanium is four times harder than steel but five times lighter than pure gold. Its sheen remains shiny and the matt remains matt considerably longer than in any other materials. 


Despite its hardness, titanium can be treated to a multitude of exquisite surface treatments. The surface effects can also alter the color of the metal. Matte titanium is charcoal grey. Polished titanium is darker and deeper than silver or white gold and it can be most closely compared to platinum. A new process results in a black matte surface, which is achieved using a special diamond plasma coating. It is silky smooth to the touch and has a very deep black color. 

Titanium can be combined with gold using different methods. Titanium charcoal grey color hue combined with gold creates a beautiful contrast. 

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